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Self-Training Series Pt.3

In part 3 we are going to be transitioning to techniques from a free sparring position (jiyu kamae). The objective is to illustrate that the lower body mechanics should be identical from a basic position and jiyu kamae position.

Put the emphasis on driving off the back leg and squaring up your hips and shoulders towards the front without leaning forward. Take your time between each movement and focus on getting back to the same position each time.

Check out the video as a guide and adjust the amount of repetitions to your level.

Self-Training Series 3

Warm up: (5-10min)

Tube Gyaku Tsuki with Step: 30 each side

Tube Gyaku Tsuki with Step from Jiyu Kamae: 30 each side

Tube Consecutive Gyaku Tsuki in Place from Jiyu Kamae: 30 each side

Tube Same Leg Mae Geri from Heisoku Dachi: 20 each side

Tube Same Leg Ushiro Geri from Heisoku Dachi: 30 each side

Rest: 1-2 minutes

Drop & Catch Push Up: 20

Lateral Lunge: 20

Superman: 20.

We are happy to receive any feedback from you guys, so let us know, if you have any questions and keep training!



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