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Self-Training Series Pt.2

Our Self-Training Series is designed for you to be able to train anywhere, anytime. Check out Part 2 that focuses on building strength in your basic movements.

Start with the amount of repetitions that you feel comfortable with but make sure to do each circuit at least twice. Focus on the pulling motion of your hand (hikite) using your back muscles. Pay attention to your technique during the kicks and take your time between each repetition.

Check out the video below and feel free to modify each exercise depending on your needs. Also, don’t forget to stretch those muscles well after each workout and let your body recover in between.

Self-Training Series 2

Warm up: (5-10min)

Circuit 1 (x2)

Tube on Hikite Hand Kizami Tsuki: 30 each side

Tube on Hikite Hand Double Kizami Tsuki: 15 each side

Tube on Hikite Hand Consecutive Kizami Tsuki: 30 each side

Tube Mawashi Geri: 30 each side

Tube Mae Geri & Kekomi: 15 each side

Rest: 1-2 minutes

Circuit 2 (x2)

Push Up with Alternating Knee Tuck: 20

Jump Squat: 20

Plank: 1 minute.

Let us know about your progress or struggles!



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