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Self-Training Series Pt.1

We will be releasing a few short self-training routines for anyone who is looking for ideas on what to do at home during this quarantine period.

For this workout we will be using a tube, as we find it to be one of the best self-training tools for karate. Modify the difficulty by adjusting the resistance on the tube but make sure it is always straight. If you do not have a tube at home, no problem – just double the amount of repetitions for each exercise.

Do each circuit twice (3 times, if you are looking for more of a challenge) focusing on the correct form and a big range of motion. Take 10-20 seconds rest between each exercise and take a break between the circuits. Feel free to add repetitions as you advance and do not feel discouraged, if the routine is too difficult start with the amount of repetitions that you feel confident with.

Use the video below as a guide and, most importantly, enjoy training!

Self-Training Series 1

Warm up: (5-10min)

Circuit 1 (x2)

Tube Gyaku Tsuki: 30 each side

Tube Double Gyaku Tsuki: 15 each side Tube Consecutive Gyaku Tsuki: 30 each side

Tube Mae Geri: 30 each side

Tube Double Mae Geri: 15 each side

Rest: 1-2 minutes

Circuit 2 (x2)

Judo Push Up: 20

Squat with Side Leg Lift: 20

Flutter Kicks: 1 minute.

We wish all dojos the best during this crisis!



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