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Kazuaki Kurihara in Ottawa

We are pleased to announce that the guest instructor at the 2020 CJKF Summer Camp will be Kazuaki Kurihara (5th Dan) from Tokyo HQ! Kurihara Sensei is a JKA instructor and one of the most decorated Kata champions in JKA history. He is also one of the few Grand Champions, having won both Kata and Kumite events at the 54th JKA All Japan Karate Championship in 2011.

For the first time, Kurihara Sensei will be an honorable guest at the CJKF Summer Camp, providing a valuable insight into the kankyu (rhythm) of the kata, maai (distance) within kumite, as well as kihon (fundamentals) of modern Shotokan Karate. The camp is going to take place at Algonquin College, July 9-12.

We are happy to extend the invitation to all the dojo instructors and practitioners around Canada and abroad.


For more information about the CJKF Summer camp, click here.



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